Hypnolust – Amelia Rose Clip IV – Make me a mindless slave master SD mp4

limp - 7005 Make me a mindless slave master.mp4

Take my will and mind

This segment is for our slow and monotone repetition and mantra lovers as well as our mind reduction and orgasm on command lovers. Of course, there is a whole lot more going on. Amelia’s quivering body is kneeling in front of me; her eyes are wide open and empty. Driven by her own lust she keeps repeating, “I want to learn to be a mindless slave, master”. She is ordered to pleasure herself while staring at her master until every ounce of will and mind is drained out of her. Amelia is too absorbed by lust and the need to pleasure herself to even notice that she is sinking deeper and deeper under my control. With her arms stretched out in front of her, Amelia feels the most intense penetration ever and the slow and monotone repetition of, “I am just a slave, take my will and mind”, intensifies her feelings of uninhibited lust even more. She is orgasmed so hard and intense that it sends her down on her knees. More repetitions and a final orgasm that puts her to sleep almost conclude this segment. Almost, that is. Out cold, my little girl does not even feel the eye checks but she certainly does feel one more intense orgasm in her deep sleep. I hold her eye lids open for that one and believe me that makes it very intense.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 640 x 480
Duratio: 00:10:12
Size: 77 Mb

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