Hypnolust – Amelia Rose Clip V – Why do you have to do that, doc? SD mp4

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Oops, you slipped

The swinging crystal eye-reflex check might not be common but very effective. Amelia, our new nurse’s aid, seems quite shy and certainly very inexperienced. Who could blame her; after all it’s her first day at a renowned and prestigious hospital. When she finds out that I am one of the leading doctors, she seems to become even more uncomfortable and it almost feels like she would rather leave.

The fact that I am hitting on her does not seem to make her feel better, on the contrary it actually seems to make her feel even more uncomfortable. Anyway, we all know that all the new nurses have to undergo a medical exam by one of the doctors and in her case that would be me. Amelia, shy and a bit reluctant, agrees to have me check her out. I don’t know why but during the examination, our little nurse becomes increasingly suspicious and it almost seems like she does not really trust my work as a serious physician.

I guess you have to watch the clip to find out why. Anyway, there is one last test we have to do and that would be the eye-reflex test. OK, using a crystal might not be the most common way to perform the test but is certainly effective. Amelia’s eyes go left and right, following the crystal and we all know what happens next. She sinks into deep trance, her eyes stare into nothingness and she is ready to be trained. Very intense orgasm and obedience training conclude this segment, leaving her in mindless bliss. Great stares and mindless obedience…

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