Rachel Steele – DID1250 Chaos Revenge SD mp4

limp - 7062 DID1250 Chaos Revenge.mp4

Chaos used to be the biggest villain in town until a sexy female rival named Onyx betrayed him to the police. Now he is doing time in the state penitentiary while a triumphant Onyx occupies his turf and grows more powerful by the day. Knowledge of this fills Chaos with seething rage and drives him to plot revenge on Onyx. On the outside he has a scientist acquaintance who is willing to help him out for the right amount of money. Based on an idea put forward by Chaos, he designs a special hand-held device that can incapacitate a person with the minimum of fuss. All the user need do is point it at the heart of his victim and press a button that triggers a stunning electrical discharge. This device has just been tested and proven fit for use. At last Chaos’s moment has come. When one of his henchmen visits him with a daily report on matters in the town, he involves him in his plans for Onyx. The henchman and a partner are to collect the special device from the scientist and then infiltrate Onyx’s mansion by disguising themselves as a pair of her goons. Having gained a private audience with Onyx, they are to give her Chaos’s regards, suddenly pull the device on her, zap her once, then drag her limp and insensate body into her bedchamber.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 720 x 540
Duratio: 00:16:20
Size: 397 Mb

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