Rachel steele – JC – DID1255 She Went Too Far SD mp4

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JC got back from a weekend away on business to find that her boyfriend Billy had spent over $300 on alcohol using their shared credit card. When she confronted him about it, he acted as if was not a big deal. This made JC furious. Most of the money in their account came from her salary. While she worked hard at her job, trying to achieve some financial security for them both, her no-good boyfriend kept screwing things up with his reckless and selfish spending. In the past she had managed to restrain herself in dealing with him, but this time round she suddenly lost her temper and lashed out – striking him a blow across the face. Billy was stunned. Then came a silent rage. As JC stormed off, not wishing to talk to him anymore, he stared long after her, his eyes glinting with a vengeful light. A short while later, up in her bedroom, JC called her friend Stacie and talked about Billy’s behavior and how fed up she was with it. Meanwhile, Billy himself crept up to the door and watched her intently while she stood facing away from him. When the phone call was over, JC sighed, stripped down to her underwear and donned a silky robe. She felt weary and in need of a rest. Unfortunately for her, she was not going to get it. Deciding that his girlfriend was now sufficiently vulnerable, Billy suddenly sprang upon her from behind, locking an arm around her waist and clamping a strong hand over her mouth. JC instantly went rigid.

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