Hypnolust – Amelia Rose Clip VI – You really have to do this doc SD mp4

limp - 7127 You really have to do this doc.mp4

I will be a good little nurse now

Amelia wakes up after a brief deepening and now suddenly she has a real crush on the good doctor. All she wants now is to be checked out by me. She starts to flirt and it looks like she really enjoys the nipple reflex exam. Unlike the last segment, removing her clothes by me does not seem to be a problem at all, in fact it seems like she really wants me to check her out, inside and out, so to speak. The rotating pen in front of her eyes takes her into deep trance again as she is hit by a surprise orgasm (hot re-induction BTW). Amelia goes down like a rock. Her eyes are wide open and stare, just like before, into absolute nothingness, “I will be a good little nurse now”.

Now it is time to have her drop the boy friend, she mentioned earlier and to let her know who is really in control of her little body and mind. Nurse Amelia learns about the power of acupressure points in her hands and what they make her feel and do once I press on them, the power of forced orgasms and lots more. Intense stares and slow repetitions as well as complete surrender…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 640 x 480
Duratio: 00:10:27
Size: 79 Mb

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