Hypnolust – Amelia Rose Clip VII – The reluctant Robo Babysitter SD mp4

limp - 7200 The reluctant Robo Babysitter.mp4

Amelia, the new babysitter, feels seemingly surprised and somewhat disturbed when the young boy she is supposed to watch, unexpectedly and way past his bed time, stumbles into her room. She seems even more perturbed when he asks her whether she got his email with the new “Robot game” he wants to play with her. (Guess who the young boy is) Anyway, she seems to realize that she can not get rid of the little and reluctantly agrees to open her email. Big mistake! What ever she sees on the screen, instantaneously transforms her. Her body straightens out, her voice becomes slow and monotone and her movements seem to become ridged and stiff, “I am your robot toy, master”. First my little robot has to learn to stand at attention and to turn in circles with her arms stretched out in front of her while repeating, “mindless robot” over and over (very slow and monotone BTW).

Next, my new toy is placed on the bed and her vibrator masturbation as well as her orgasm on command skills is put to test. All of a sudden her robot body is immobilized by the powerful magnetic force of the bed. Unable to move, she is forced to orgasm again by the vibrator I am holding between her legs. Placed on her knees, robot Amelia just stares at me with her eyes wide open as she is ordered to place the vibrator right on the tip of her clit. The impact of the thrusting vibrator is so powerful that it deactivates her before she has a chance to orgasm. I think I mentioned earlier that Amelia is a slow learner. The second I snap her out of it, she tries to get rid of me again. Well, what am I supposed to do here? Oh, I know, why don’t I just…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 640 x 480
Duratio: 00:16:06
Size: 123 Mb

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