Angel The Dreamgirl – 437 Control over the Maid’s Mind FullHD 1080p

limp - 7353 Control over the Maids Mind.mp4

Your boss will invent a new inhaling liquid that controls the female mind. You are maid who has been work for him recently. You wear black pantyhose in this clip, I will send you a link, your maid outfit, your lacquered red shoes. Your makeup consists of black eyeliner and bright red glossy lips and your hair is gathered in a high tail.

You clean up the master bedroom and find a beautiful necklace, you would like to have this for yourself and therefore decide to try it on. You wear a necklace and admire yourself in the mirror. You are thinking of wearing it for a minute, but at this point your boss comes into the room and you are confused. You apologize for what you could not resist without trying it on, you can take it off. Your boss asks you to leave the necklace on your beautiful chest, he likes it. He asks you to inhale the liquid in return for the fact that you are wearing a necklace. You agree and you want to save your work. You are dizziness and you fall on the bed. The dark screen… You lie on the bed the camera moves from your feet up to your face. You open your eyes and sit on the bed. You say, my master, I’m ready to do whatever you tell me to do. Your boss wants to see what’s under your skirt, he orders to lift your skirt, bend down in different directions, and then lie down on the bed and masturbate for him, first on top of your pantyhose, and then you put your hand under the pantyhose.

After that, he orders you to say that you want to get his huge cock, you want to suck it and that his cock would push into your throat so deeply and faster. After that, you lie down on your stomach on the bed and as deep as possible, he fucks your throat. Sometimes you say, master fuck my face. At the end of the clip you sit next to the bed and he continues to fuck your mouth until he cum on your face and red lips.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:17:16
Size: 1649 Mb

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