Angel The Dreamgirl – 703 You Get Excited When You See Me! FullHD 1080p

limp - 7430 You Get Excited When You See Me.mp4

Second Fake Cum shot + Added one more Fake Cum shot scene on her boobs and tummy.

You tell him that you also got in trouble for wrestling too rough with boys in gym class. All you did was pin them down on the floor and pressed your tits against their face, Let me show you. Still lying on top of him, you shove your tits against his face. He tries to shove you off but you are too strong. His hard cock is now between your thighs like in this picture.

You continue to pin him down, shoving your tits in his face as his cock slides in between your thighs very fast, after about a minute he shoots many squirts of FAKE cum while his cock is sliding between your thighs.

Third Fake Cum shot:

You feel something wet on your ass, it was his fake cum. You don’t know what it is and ask him if he spilled food there. You see that his hard cock is all wet and messy. Oh, Let me clean it up! You get your hands and slowly begin to rub up and down, trying to rub off all of the mess on it. You slowly stroke up and down VERY SLOWY. you start to lick up and down his shaft to get off more stuff on it. Licking it very clean up and down his throbbing shaft. He gets harder and harder as you keep licking. As you lick harder. He starts to FAKE cum many many squirts as you continue to lick. you are amazed!

Fourth FAKE cum shot:

With him still lying in bed. you slowly have a deep throat. very deep and long you want more of that stuff! You tell him that as you suck very long and deep. then he starts to fake cum as you continue to take him deep in your throat.


You giggle and laugh with excitement! I know what that beeping sound is! I wanna try to break that machine! You LOVE wrestling with me, huh? You sit on his lap and bounce up and down facing him as you bounce up and down, you shove your tits in his face and giggle. You then stop bouncing and shove his big cock down your throat, you VERY SLOWLY deep throat him several times. He then cums (real cum) as you continue to deep throat him.

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