c4slust22 Janira Wolfe – Can You Earn Being Turned FullHD 1080p

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In this world, it is almost Halloween, and there is a vampire that has been attacking people in your town, leaving them without life. At this point, everyone else has garlic hanging everywhere, and salt lining their doors. But not you. You’ve always had a fascination with vampires, and the thought of coming face to face with one… no matter what that might mean… is worth the risk…
You awaken to find the vampire on top of you. She’s even more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. But you’re still frightened… for a moment. As she begins to speak to you, the sight of her pointy canine teeth, and the thought of feeling them sink into the thin flesh of your neck, turns you on.
The vampire can smell the red liquid in your body as it floods your cock, and she, too, is turned on. So much so that she comes up with a plan: if you are able to please her with your big, meaty, human cock, instead of taking your life, she will do as you so obviously desire… She will change you, so you can be hers forever.

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