Princess Ellie Odol – Demoness Needs Your Stepmother’s Soul transfer fantasies FullHD 1080p

limp - 7514 Demoness Needs Your Stepmother.mp4

A beautiful horned being has appeared before you in your dream-like state encouraging you to masturbate. Little do you realize, she’s after your perverted energy to convert into power so the longer you jerk off the better. You quickly disappoint her and you see a flash of her true colors before she puts her friendly face back on. Weird, but you let it go…and in the end, it’ll cost you dearly. She sees you’re still horny and offers you the chance to fuck her in the flesh…only…there’s one teeny tiny problem. She needs a soul to swap with! Doesn’t have you be your soul either. You’re reluctant but she claims it’s only temporary until she can get enough energy to sustain herself in the corporeal world. As she goes through a list of possible candidates, she notices the look on your face when she says “stepmother” and knows that is the one who will give her physical form. All you need to do is picture your stepmom in your mind as you beat off to completion once more. This figure in front of you makes it all sound so enticing and you’re soon overcome with lust. You can’t wait to feel her body and have her take over as your stepmother. You’re fapping faster and faster unable to stop even if you wanted to…and that’s the problem. This creature before you is some kind of succubus or demoness, possibly even the devil herself!! She has tricked your horny idiot brain. Your stepmother as you know her will be gone forever, with no return, and this trickster will not only never touch or fuck you but won’t even let you jerk off!! All you need to do is stop yourself from cumming and she’ll disappear and haunt someone else’s dream…but you, obsessed with your own fleeting pleasure ejaculate and cement the deal. Fate has been decided… your world is about to change forever and there’s nothing you can do to stop it…a new waking nightmare.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:17:08
Size: 1878 Mb

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