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Darling is one of the more forgotten models of mine, that did a good job. I decided to go ahead and remaster this version, with better color saturation, and I feel cleaner end product. Enjoy watching Darling submit to my PROGRAM and leave all her control at the front door. This video includes the following bits:

Darling in Programming
Welcome brand new model, Darling to my couch. Darling comes from out of state, and I was presented with the opportunity of PROGRAMMING her. She’s a beautiful hardbody fitness queen, and has never been PROGRAMMED before!

I find out through a few tests, that she will be an excellent subject. Enjoy watching the whole PROGRAM session, where you can see her falling into my spell.

Darling in Sofa Stuck Freeze
In this clip, Darling; who has taken to my PROGRAM quite beautifully; is made to believe that her ass is crazy-glued to the sofa. And no matter what, she can not lift up off of it.

So I casually ask her to stand up… and she goes to stand up off the sofa, and realizes she can’t! She struggles, and struggles; but all to no avail. I then ask if she needs help, and offer a hand… as she grabs my hand, I say FREEZE and she’s stuck. You can see her eyes are glazed over, and her body frozen solid. I pan a little around her body, and then close-up to her face, as you can see her eyes starting to glaze over more and more as time goes on, and tears start to drop out of her eyes.. finally I UNFREEZE her and she has no clue what just happened…

Finally I FREEZE her again, and remove her shirt exposing her bare tummy, and bra…. when UNFROZEN she is confused as to where her shirt disappeared to..

Darling in Missing Clothing
In this clip we start off with Darling sitting nice and pretty, still stuck on the sofa… as we FREEZE her in place, and start to remove her bra to expose her beautiful breasts. Then when we UNFREEZE her, she is shocked at why her boobs are out! Doesn’t know what happened, and I FREEZE her again… You can see her eyes starting to glaze over again, as she starts to tear… and I pose her, and play with her a little bit more….

Darling in Brain Cleaning
Darling is confused, confused as to why she can not get up off the sofa. So I decide its time to tell her what maybe happening. That her mind is cluttered, and needs to be un-cluttered, or cleaned. That I can perform this delicate operation on her, easily and relatively risk free. She looks at me like I’m crazy, but then I continue to explain how its simple… and painless… no incision is required. Then she agrees to let me do this, as I go over and “yank” her brain out. Instantly you can tell she goes dark, and is no longer with us mentally. I fondle her boobs a bit, and then decide to put her brain back in – backwards.

When I return her brain, she instantly recognizes something is different. She has a pained look on her face, as she attempst to grasp what is happening to her. The more I talk to her, the more comfortable she becomes with the way she’s behaving.. but eventually pleads to me to fix it.

So I remove her brain again, and place it back in, right side up… her eyes fluttering and rolling backwards as I do so… finally back to normal!

Darling in Becoming Submissive
In this clip, Darling starts off behaving normally.. and then I decide to notch things up a bit, and ask her to spread her legs. She looks at me like I’m crazy, and ends up covering her boobs and becoming more of a prude! I keep asking, but she doesn’t budge.

Well, I have PROGRAM her to become more and more submissive each time I snap my fingers.. so I decide to snap my fingers, and you can tell instantly the change in Darling’s behavior. And she decides to go ahead and spread her legs, and play with her boobs!

I then tell her to remove her panties, and she stands up and very nicely removes them for us… as she sits back down and starts playing with her naked pussy..

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