Entrancement UK – Louisa Lu 4 – Dronification SD mp4

limp - 7768 Domination.mp4_snapshot_12.38.000

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limp - 7768 Domination.mp4_snapshot_29.18.000

After a couple of not-so-deep trances, in former sessions I was kiiiind of a chicken, and as Louisa’s a big fan of being a mindless blank doll, I had listen to the induction Drone Space by Kelly Ewer.

Lazy yes… but amazingly effective and exactly the right kinda thing for her! She dropped super deep, and the difference between normal Louisa and Louisa-Drone is pretty remarkable. It’s rare that I see anyone melt so rapidly between waking and robotic mindsets.

Excellent vid, definitely one for the robo fans!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 854 x 480
Duration: 00:31:16
Size: 190 Mb

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