Kobe Lee’s Fetish Paradise Arielle Lane – The Fall of Batgirl FullHD 1080p

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The movie begins with Power Girl tied to a chair, Super Girl tied to a pole, and Wonder Woman tied to a table. All of them with breasts exposed and mouths taped. They wake up as Bat Girl enters the room.

The three captive heroines look at bat girl with anger and fear as she enters the room and walks over to Super Girl and cups her tits “Mmmm I think your going to get the vibrator all day today super girl” says Bat Girl. Bat Girl then walks over to Wonder Woman and looks down into her eyes and says “Wonder Woman I think I will put you on the fucking machine” Bat girl finally goes to Power Girl and smiles at her as she says, “and you Power Girl since you’re my favorite I am going to eat your pussy all day.” Bat Girl then leaves the room to prepare her slaves for the day.

The three captives struggle with Power Girl finally managing to break free her hand and unties herself and the others. All three heroines cover their breasts back up and fix their hair. PG SG and WW all agree they want revenge on BG and prepare an ambush for BG when she returns.

BG reenters the room and is quickly grabbed by her slaves BG manages to resist for a moment, but is soon overpowered by the three heroines and is held in place. PG looks BG in the eyes and smirks as she says “get her tits out girls”. WW and SG unzip and pull bat girls costume down revealing her breasts. WW and SG look at each other and smile and both lean in and start sucking on BG nipples. “ugh! let me go! get off of me!” says BG. After a few minutes of this PG suggests BG should be on the receiving end of the orgasm for a change. BG eyes open wide, and she starts struggling as she yells “no no no no”. WW grabs the vibrator that BG brought in and PG and SG pin BG against the wall as WW places the wand to BG pussy and holds it firms (PG and SG begin on BG breasts again). BG cums. PG smiles and says “Lets change positions girls.” PG and SG zip BG costume back up and flip her upside down on a chair spreading her legs. PG squats down and looks into BG eyes and says “Ready to cum again?”. PG begins to rub BG crotch through her costume slowly increasing her pressure and speed. BG grits her teeth as she moans and curses her slaves “When I get free you three are going to pay severely”. BG cums again harder and louder than her first. SG laughs and shouts “My turn! My turn! Let’s strip her naked ladies!” (the three heroines strip BG of her costume leaving her gloves, belt, boots and mask on. BG is pulled onto the floor on her hands and knees with her butt up into the air.

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