XXXTREMECOMIXXX – Loni Legend and Rock – Leechs Reckoning HD 720p

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Red Fox is on the prowl. Her friends Devan Dauntless and Rebecca Rush have both been defeated by the villain Leech. He sucked their powers out of their pussies until they were weak normal girls. Then, using their powers Leech would commit heinous crimes and steal the powers of other heroines. Red Fox has tracked Leech to his lair. Sensing his evil presence, she orders Leech to pay for his crimes against superhumanity. An old man in a power wheel chair emerges from the darkness, dressed in Leech’s costume. He tells her that absorbing all those powers had weakened and crippled him. Red Fox, paragon of good, steps forward offering her help, villain or not. Leech sees her compassion as the weakness it is and thrusts his brittle hand toward the heroine’s unsuspecting pussy, sucking enough juice to cure his ailments, restoring his vitality. The reinvigorated super villain decides to celebrate his new power with a good ol’ fashioned heroine suck fest. Leech has Red Fox’s wrists and ankles pinned down on the wooden X.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:22:08
Size: 561 Mb

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