Rae Knight aka butt3rflyforu – Death By Vaginal Grip FullHD 1080p

limp - 8003 Rae Knight Death By Vaginal Grip.mp4

Custom Vid- No name used= I am a succubus step-mother and you have been lured into my lair by my two hot daughters thinking you will get a threesome. Little did you know that my daughters would over take you, strip you naked, and tie you to my bed! I have been told from my daughters that you are a very hung slayer with a massive cock that will satisfy my succubus pussy! I tell you that not one slayer has escaped my lair….alive…..I make you a deal. If you can make me have an amazing orgasm with that massive slayer cock, then you will be able to suck on my huge, bouncing tits! I mount you and begin riding you massive cock until I cum. I allow you to suck on my tits, which is your weakness. You love huge tits, especially bouncing ones. I continue riding you and tell you that if you DO NOT cum, you will be allowed to live. If you cum, I will suck all the life out of you and feed mine!!! I continue riding your hard, stiff cock down to the balls. Your eyes are starting to roll back in your head as I describe my very profound vaginal grip that I am going to begin using on your massive cock. All you have to do is resist cumming and you will live!!! But you can’t….I can already see the life beginning to suck right out of you. I can see you starting to become a husk….a ……My vaginal grip is so strong, you just can’t resist it and the life is getting sucked right out of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! And into my succubus pussy!!!! No slayers have EVER defeated The Step-Mother Succubus!!!!

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:18:15
Size: 457 Mb

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