Ludella Hahn Fetish – Unswap Me At Xmas HD 720p

limp - 8023 Unswap Me At Xmas.mp4

It’s Christmas morning, and the gift you wrapped for yourself is waiting for you beneath the tree. It’s no surprise what it is, since it’s not wrapped well and a pair of curvy sexy feminine legs with frilly ankle socks and high heels are sticking out, but you’re excited to tear into her nonetheless… 😉

Now, the backstory is up to YOUR imagination. It is YOUR holiday gift after all. So whether she is a very realistic real doll you had made in Ludella’s likeness…or she is in fact Ludella herself and you’ve frozen her into a doll as a gift to yourself…OR she’s a Ludella Bot that hasn’t been charged up yet and is currently in a deactivated state, well, that is for you to decide. However she got here, she’s YOURS to unwrap. 😉
br> So, have fun unwrapping Ludella for the holidays…to pose and play with… You can pose her and undress her anyway and anywhere you’d like, and she’ll stare blankly ahead like a good girl, so obedient and compliant…staying any which way you put her. Make it playful or provocative. Either way, she’s deliciously curvy, realistic, and dollified…and here for your pleasure. Merry Xmas! 😉

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:14:15
Size: 259 Mb

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