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Beautiful Clea Gaultier has been monitored by the aliens for a long time, she seems like the perfect fit for their ongoing colonization. And how could they resist such a beauty, she’s tall, athletic, with the most perfectly round titties and a plump ass. Not to mention, she has a pretty pussy that the aliens can’t wait to poke with their tentacles.

It might come as a surprise to some, but aliens still do kidnap people and take them in for experiments. And this one is a bit different, it’s more of a sexual nature, and they want this subject to be awake throughout it all. Clea wakes up in an alien spaceship, it’s dark and she’s not wearing any clothes.

There’s certainly no time for her to remember how and why she got here because there are a couple of aliens surrounding her. They’re curious, even these out worldly creatures want to appreciate her beauty, but they can sense that she’s scared. It’s a perfectly normal reaction, she’s shivering, not even knowing what to expect.

A moment later, she’s sitting in a chair, as a couple of strange blue tentacles crawl towards her, the tentacle BDSM is commencing. They climb up, restraining her, wrapped around her neck, holding her down around the abdomen, and spreading her legs. One of them even wraps itself around her face, so she can’t scream and make this whole experience unpleasurable for the aliens.

Then it starts, one of the tentacles with its pointy tip slowly enters Clea. Her pussy lips spread open, and she’s starting to feel the slimy alien tentacle cock inside her. She’s starting to breathe faster, the pleasure is certainly something she didn’t expect, but she seems to like it, so the tentacle goes in a stroking motion inside and out.

Soon enough she’ll give herself in fully to the alien visitors. This beautiful brunette throws her head back since she loves every moment of the procreation with the tentacles, and starts rolling her eyes due to an orgasmic feeling that’s coursing through her. Our aliens are experienced enough to know that she’s close to reaching the pinnacle.

They are also prepared to follow up and make her cum even harder. Once the tentacle starts spreading its semen inside, she’ll begin shaking, spasming, and moaning loudly in a shaky voice as they both reach an orgasm. But it’s only the beginning, there are more ways to explore her, and of course, it means she’s going to do some oral.

Her mouth will get filled with alien semen as well, she’s going to spit it out all over her face, and then they’ll change positions as a sort of tentacle BDSM punishment for not swallowing. She’s standing upright, her hands are bound to a bar above her head, and a tentacle starts drilling her pussy.

It’s hard to keep it straight, her knees are shaking, but she can’t give up now. No, not even when she gets stuffed with cum so hard that it starts leaking out of her mouth. Well, she is a spitter, so the aliens are doing her a favor really, and they love watching all that spat out semen sliding over her tits and dripping down her pussy.

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