Limp Fetish – Daisy Cooper – Detective Garroted HD 720p

limp - 8333 Detective Garroted.mp4

Detective Cooper sat in her hotel room, going over the case files. Finally, after working the case for 3 years, she was about to bring down the long arm of the law on the crime syndicate. Unfortunately for her, they had other plans. A hired assassin wraps a wire garrote around her supple neck and she fights for for her life. As she struggles, her arm stretches out, but she cannot reach her gun laying inches away from her fingertips. After a while her body weakens and all she can do is try and breathe, but instead, her body only convulses as she slowly expires. The killer removes her clothes, and poses her in different ways. Then, staying with the theme of a random, violent sexual assault.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 668
Duration: 00:21:32
Size: 1015 Mb

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