Heroine Movies Luciafilms Original Film – Ariana Rogue,Coco, Lucy Westenra, Xiphos – Vengeance FullHD 1080p

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An incredible pairing rocks even our expectations when Coco and Lucy Westenra team up as duo heroines against a rogues gallery of unrelenting revenge seekers. When longtime middle bracket heroine Rift goes missing, Ultra Lady sets out to find and recover her. Being led to an abandoned fight club, she is abundantly aware of the traps set for her but ready for the challenge. Freeing her ally in crimefighting, the pair face off against four villains with vengeance on their minds. Unfortunately, Rift finds herself out of her depth and Ultra Lady is forced to try and pick up the slack for both of them. Will Ultra Lady be able to withstand these increasingly unfair odds? Or will the trap prove more than either of them can overcome. Join us for this absolutely BONKERS showing of some of Luciafilms most talented performers going all out.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:46:32
Size: 1406 Mb

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