TMF Fantasies – Ashlynn Taylor & Sexy Slyyy – Movie Night Mesmerize Nylon Foot Worship Roleplay FullHD 1080p

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Ashlynn is up late, in sexy lingerie and pantyhose, watching a movie when Sly pops in, also dressed in a sexy nightie and pantyhose, to say good night to Ashlynn and Sara (Kendra’s step-daughter) before heading up to bed. Ashlynn and Sara have been watching a movie marathon, sort of a tradition from their . They chat a bit. Sara is off on the phone with a college guy she likes, leaving Ashlynn to watch by herself. As Sly turns to leave, she notices the movie and watches a moment. Ashlynn begins to softly caress Sly’s back, and then Ashlynn takes her fingertips and thumb to run gently up and down the back of Sly’s neck. A few moments of this and Ashlynn has coaxed Sly to sit back and watch a bit of the movie with her. The caressing continues as does the conversation, before Kendra says she needs to get to rest. “Good idea,” Ashlynn replies, and gently guides Sly to lay her head in Ashlynn’s lap. Ashlynn caresses under Sly chin with one hand while the other massages Sly head, and before long Ama has once again induced a mesmerizing spell on her slave Sly, and the foot worship and lesbian seduction begin again.

1-2 minutes to set the scene.

2-3 minutes of mesmerizing induction (This could happen at the beginning or later in the scene.)

5 minutes or more on foot massage followed by 12-15 minutes of pantyhose foot worship.

10 minutes on kissing the first time (My preference is around 10 minutes of kissing whenever there’s kissing, for the record!

10 minutes of kissing the next time.

5 minutes of foot massage followed by 12-15 minutes of pantyhose foot worship. Another 2 minutes or so of conversation here and there.

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