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Sara Liz stars as Blue Vixen. Intrepid PI goes looking for a cache of stolen diamonds but as she searches she finds nothing. Little does she know that she was lured to this location to get rid of her so no one will know about the missing diamonds. From the shadows a crack rings out and the blonde PI crumbles to the floor,,her silent attacker leans over her as it appears that she takes her last breath. Later a government scientist retrieves her body and injects her with a serum designed to create a super powered heroine but to his dismay it doesnt seem to work, until she springs to life unaware of where she is or what happened. Fast forward when she receives a letter and package at her door telling her that she now has a mission as Blue Vixen.

Confused she dons the costume and sets out to follow the letters instructions. She arrives in a warehouse that seems familar somehow but her memory of the events has been erased. Confronting a dark clad adversary a battle begins with Blue Vixen taking control of the fight,seemingly too much for her would be assailant. Finally the tables are turned and Blue Vixen is on the end of a horrendous beatdown,,eventually rendered powerless. Just when the black clad villain utters a certain phrase she has a flashback…to her previous time at the location…and her own demise at his hands!! But in her weakened state she is no match for his unrelenting attack of punches,kicks,bearhugs.

Now totally compromised he takes his time in exposing her breasts and unmasking her… Finally she awakens strapped to an X frame where the torture continues with a whipping to her back… but its not over for the beautiful heroine. She is then tied back to the X frame back first as the sadistic villain relishes in punishing her…pushing her to the edge of total defeat and surrender..Does Blue Vixen submit? Is her first mission going to be her last?

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Resolution: 1280 x 686
Duratio: 00:29:52
Size: 780 Mb

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