Man in Black Bella Luxx and Calissa Bliss – Team Supergirl “ONE LAST SCORE PART TWO” HD 720p

limp - 8422 Bella Luxx and Calissa Bliss.mp4

TEAM SUPERGIRL “ONE LAST SCORE PART TWO” continues with the super villain Man in Black (starring Special Guest Villain, Valik, courtesy of looking to end his criminal career with a victory over Supergirl Blue and Supergirl Gold. Blue and Gold have been battling to take down the Man in Black but now their powers have been reduced by green Kryptonite rock. The Man in Black moves to the next part of his evil plan by beating on the weakened Supergirl Blue and revealing than he intends to make her into his slave. Supergirl Gold can only watch her friend get punished as the Man in Black places his mind control helmet on Blue and humiliates her by ripping open her costume and exposing her beautiful perky tender breasts. The Man in Black has brainwashed Supergirl Blue into his obedient slave and his first command is to destroy Supergirl Gold. Supergirl Blue follows her command and attacks her fellow crimefighter with powerful leg scissorholds and face sitting domination. Gold continues to resist but the Man in Black knows that she will be broken after an orgasm. What perils lie ahead, Find Out?

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:17:23
Size: 823 Mb

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