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Ashley is getting ready for a date finishing up her makeup in the bathroom. After she finishes putting on her lipstick she receives a text; he cancels their dinner date. Ashley is upset. She feels like this always happens. Guys seem so interested in her in the beginning but they end up falling off and ghosting her. Is it because she does porn? Is she just a fucking joke? Looking at herself in the mirror she realizes how ridiculous her eyeshadow is. She looks like a clown. Well, Ashley decides, if she looks silly and people treat her like a joke, she might as well become a clown. Grabbing some face paint, Ashley starts painting her face like she’s the joker, becoming increasingly unhinged as she does so.
Once her face paint is complete, Ashley goes into her bedroom and starts to talk to herself in her full-length mirror. She decides that since no one apparently appreciates her, she’ll have to love herself and make herself feel good. And oh, does she know how to make herself feel good. Getting into her bed, Ashley begins to masturbate. She grabs a vibrator and presses it against her clit. Before long she’s shoving the vibrator inside of herself, laughing manically, and cumming hard. Now that she feels better, Ashley decides to go pay her cancelled date a visit to see who will have the last laugh.

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