Limp Fetish Natalie Knight – Diamond Double-Cross FullHD 1080p

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She did it. She got the diamonds. The details don’t matter, let’s just say, she used her lady parts to distract the old rich asshole and now, she had them and was back home. This is everything she wanted. She sat, looking at the twinkling stones as she massaged herself. Shit…Benny was home. Time for phase two of the plan. She did her thing….teased him with the goods—and HER goods, until he was distracted, then went for him with the knife. But he was quick—strong. They struggled and she fought like a wildcat. Benny, confused, then enraged, managed to knock her out, and toss her on the couch. He should kill her now. But he paused.

In their 5 frenzied months together, he realized for the first time, that she was a user….of men. He was just a tool, to advance her agenda. Well, fuck her. Now, he would take what he wanted. The diamonds for sure—but first…..he would take her! He molested her unconscious form, revealing her petite breasts and tasting her sweet cunt juices before plunging his engorged cock into her tight canal. Then, she woke up. He had to decide quickly. Knock her out or kill her? Hell, it was no decision at all after what she tried to do.

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