UYC Productions – Chantelle Fox – Conversion To Sin FullHD 1080p c4s

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Chantelle Fox arrives a my doorstep to preach about God. So I let her in, if only to tell her I worship a far greater demonic power called the Dark Lord. She finds this disturbing but I set out to show the sceptical woman the power the Dark Lord grants me. As I penetrate her mind, Chantelle loses conciousness. When she opens her eyes, they glow green as the virtuous woman becomes my mindless thrall. Chantelle is ripe to be converted.

I take her away so that she can look more pleasing to the eye. When we return, she is woken from her enchantment and Chantelle is astounded by what I’ve done to her. She complains about the tattoos and piercings and the skimpy outfit while demanding I undo all this. So I use my powers to enslave her and she ceases her protests. Chantelle then performs a sexy strip tease for me and then is aroused from her trance. Irate at being naked, she demands her clothes back, but I have a far better idea and simply take away her mind. My slave still requires training so I teach her how to sit and display herself, then have her bow down before me. Chantelle is given a vibrate and pleasures herself until she orgasms in honour of the Dark Lord. Then she’s taken to the bedroom where I examine her body and spank her ass. Now it’s time for the initiation ceremony, and the mind controlled woman has a candle inserted into her ass before offering her soul to the Dark Lord. With her initiation complete, I take my slave and have her give me a blowjob. Then I get her an all fours and pound her ass hard as I pull her hair. With her decent into sin complete, she is ready to worship the Dark Lord and serve his followers.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:41:025
Size: 416 Mb

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