Mind Under Master Jewelz Blue – ASMR Spa FullHD 1080p c4s

limp - 8522 Jewelz Blue ASMR Spa

limp - 8522 Jewelz Blue ASMR Spa1

I’m Jewelz, I’ll be your hostess today. Welcome to the ASMR SPA. Is this your first time receiving the Personal Attention package? And I understand that you like wet sounds? Shall we begin? She wastes no time and begins kissing you right away, laying gentle wet peck along your neck as she goes from ear to ear telling you how nothing else matters but your pleasure and what an honor it is to service you. She slips out of her robe and you help her with the rest before she lays you on the mattress and begins rubbing oil over your body., She rubs her body all over you as she continues to whisper in your ears giving you loving kisses between telling you how perfect your are. She noticed you had a wedding ring on, how long have you been married? Oh my, that’s longer than she’s even been alive. But this is what you deserve, having a pretty devoted to you and only you. Her sole purpose is to bring you pleasure and she’s do whatever it takes to make you happy. She’ll cry and beg as she laps at your balls, so desperate to see you cum for her before sending you home to your wife a happy man.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:27:01
Size: 3114 Mb

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