Enchantress Sahrye, Hannah Perez – Battle of the Superheroines (Parts 3 & 4) FullHD 1080p

limp - 8552 Battle of the Superheroines.mp4

The action begings in “Enchantress Sahrye vs Hannah Perez: Battle of the Superheroines (Part 3 & 4)”
THE BATTLE CONTINUES HERE! Count Vertigo has attached mind control pods to our super heroines and sets them off to destroy each other. Super powered Hannah Perez is unleashed to attack Enchantress Sahrye in a fury of amger and rage. Sahrye is no match for Hannah’s Amazonian super strength and has no other choice but to use the dirtiest of tricks to save her life. Unfortuanelty, Count Vertigo is only stopped for the moment, and this time uses his mind control to have Sahrye destroy Hannah. Sahrye proves to be vicious in her attack on her friend beating her with savage punches to her face, belly, and breasts. Hannah fights back against Sahrye and her dedicated warrior spirit will not let her be defeated. What perils lie ahead, find out?

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 970
Duratio: 00:28:18
Size: 816 Mb

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