Primal’s Mental Domination Lily Lou – Entitled Influencer Broken by Unbreakable Contract FullHD 1080p

limp - 9010 Entitled Influencer Broken by Unbreakable Contract

limp - 9010 Entitled Influencer Broken by Unbreakable Contract.mp4

Lily is an ‘influencer’ who a successful online business. Well her ex boyfriend started it but she owns it now and she’s the reason Daemonson Marketing wants to buy it from for so much money and give her consulting fees and all kinds of other things that sound great. She’s late for her meeting with their executive but, she’s a successful business woman and she needs to plan all the places she’s going to take pictures spending all the money she’s going to get. For some reason her lawyer isn’t waiting for her and her phone has no bars when she goes to call him but she isn’t going to let the executive handing the contract know she doesn’t understand half of what is says. Who reads latin? Besides she will just get her lawyer to break the contract if she doesn’t like something later on. Lily quickly learns this contract can break a person more easily than it can be broken Fist Lily learns she can’t disobey a single command and then that her new Master can make her orgasm to the point of totally enslaving her After licking up the puddle she made on the floor her new master gives Lily her first lesson on how to serve his huge cock Lily has been adjusting to her new life but she still makes mistakes and learns to take her punishment. In this case getting her ass spanked red and her throat fucked HARD More a reward than a punishment Lily’s master allows her to learn how to take a merciless pounding from a huge cock. She shakes and squirts and pledges obenience over and over It’s a bid day for Lily. She gets to meet the board and prove how worth the time and training she has recieved that she is. Now she will be able to be skilled at offering all of her holes to the companies executives, or really anyone they wants to use the company slut.

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