hentaied Jia Lissa, Liya Silver – The New House HD 720p

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It’s the first time, when Jia and Liya are going to sleep at their new house. Sure thing, girls want to celebrate this important step in their life. They are super excited, until the moment, when strange sound from the attic disturbs them. Liya was absolutely sure, that it’s just a cat from neighbors. So, she ran all the way up to check it out, while Jia was waiting for her downstairs. Few minutes later, our scared Redhead couldn’t wait any longer for her friends and ran up to check what is going on..

Jia and Liya are completely naked and dirty on the floor. Nobody will ever tell us what happened in the last 5 minutes for sure. But yeah, definitely it wasn’t a sound of a cat. Girls woke up scared. They have no idea what is going on. At this moment, from the dark corner of the room huge black tentacles start to crawl in their direction. Alien monsters wrap all over girls ancles and wrists. Everything happens very fast, so girls have not even a chance to scream for help. However, every touch if these alien sticky objects makes girls horny and excited.

One of the tentacles, penetrates Jia’s mouth. It moves quickly and deeply into her throat all the way through her body and finds the way out from her wet creamy pussy. But it is not the end of the route. Tentacle goes inside of Liya’s cunt.. Just take a look at girls’ bellies: this insane and bizarre move of an object which fucks two girls at the same time from inside. Finally, we can see how the head of the tentacle comes out from Liya’s mouth spreading an enormous amount of fresh hot cum at the same time. Let’s take a moment to appreciate and enjoy the view of two incredible ladies being fucked at once by alien monster.

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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:13:49
Size: 135 Mb

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