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Linda Lee is in disguise (her partner doesn’t know she is Wonderwoman). She has her glasses on and hair tied (so she looks completely different to how she does as Wonderwoman).
Scene 1- It is morning. Linda is in her bed next to her handsome boyfriend. Linda is in full disguise as she has not yet told her boyfriend her real identity. (He thinks she is just a hot secretary that he met at work that he has been dating for a few weeks. Last night she had invited him to stay the night as it was late but only after telling him sex was not going to happen. Linda likes to take things very slow)
Linda wakes up first with her glasses on – She is wearing a long white shirt with panties and cotton socks. Her handsome boyfriend just has boxers on. They are both under the covers. Linda opens her eyes and takes off her glasses for a second, looking over and remembering her boyfriend is there she smiles and quickly puts them back on. She stares at him boyfriend very much in love. She decides she is going to wake him up in the best way possible and do something she would never normally do. After all she couldn’t afford to lose this boyfriend…

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