Tilly McReese, Lia Labowe – evil dead house FullHD 1080p

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In this epic ode to The Evil Dead, Tilly McReese and Lia Labowe mess with the Necronomicon and accedently call in an evil spirit that possess both ladies before they can send the spirit back to where it came from!
Lia Labowe and Tilly McReese share a girls night in as they pow wow for an exhilarating and spooky time. Lia reveals 2 intriguing items she found during a short stay at a cabin in the mountains. One being a necronomicon with a spine-chilling cover and the other being a long Kandarian dagger adorned with bones and teeth. Lia requests Tilly’s expertise in learning about the contents of the book and they dig deeper. Lia’s interested in pawning the book off for some valuable coin, but Tilly is highly intrigued about the book’s inner workings. Lia grows fairly hesitant as they learn more about the dark happenings projected in the book, then Tilly consoles her potential concerns. Tilly spots an incantation to be read aloud and right when she begins reciting, she triggers something daunting and devious their way…

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