Girls Gone Hypnotized GG Fetish Media – Madelyn Ravae I am Not Trained HD 720p

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Madelyn Ravae is lured downstairs from her bed, still asleep, by the hypnotic music from a magic flute. When the music stops playing, Madelyn wakes up and thinks she’s simply sleepwalked downstairs on her own, as she sometimes does. When her boyfriend tells her that she was hypnotized and under his control, she refuses to believe him and insists that she cannot be controlled by such a silly instrument. But Madelyn is again put back under his control when the music starts up. Her mind goes blank and she obeys his commands. She begins repeating her mantras in the negative (I am NOT hypnotized), even though she very clearly is in a deep trance. Her subconscious mind refuses to believe she his hypnotized and being controlled, yet Madelyn must still mindlessly obey her master.

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