Hypnolust – Christina Carter Make me your mindless shell master (Clip IV) SD

limp - 9772 Christina Carter.mp4

I have to be made a better girl master. Take my mind

If you like amazing stares with not so much as a blinking eyelid, slow monotone repetitions, breath controlled orgasms, denied orgasms and an insanely horny and begging young woman, then this next segment is certainly for you. At first Christina’s big dark eyes are glued to the light I am holding on her forehead while her mind, thoughts and will are slowly running out of her. Willing to give it all, Christina let’s go completely and her eyes are still staring in the direction where the light used to be but now her eyes seem empty and dull: “I am a mindless shell master”. I keep playing with her by taking her close to another orgasm but then deny her to explode. She keeps repeating: “I am very close for you” and I decide that it is now time for the very intense breath controlled orgasm training. Christina’s amazing body is hot and sweaty and I can feel that she is giving it all up.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 640 x 480
Duratio: 00:04:01
Size: 16 Mb

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