Lexi Snow – Gender Transformation Sibling Necklace FullHD 1080p

limp - 9914 Gender Transformation Sibling Necklace.mp4

Lexi is excited about date night, especially as he’s left her new sexy lingerie on the bed with a new dress. She also opens up a necklace her brother sent to her for her birthday. She puts it on and takes a nap before she has to get ready. An hour or so passes and as she wakes up, its not her at all – its her brother IN her body! The necklace he gave her wrapped their bodies. He discoveres the new lingerie and tackles his way through them and eventually tries on the dress whilst appreciating this new body of his! He can’t believe its worked.. as long as he keeps the necklace on, he gets to explore new things in this amazing body. Her boyfriend turns up to find him all dressed up in his gifts, but he tries to put him off. The boyfriend is so horny, he convinces him to stay and play. He gives in, wondering what sex with a man would feel like.. and he’s not disappointed! The fuck missionary after a blowjob and finishes doggy style with a beautiful orgasm and cream pie! Hes then lying on the bed completely satisfied and wondering how long he can keep this up for…

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Duratio: 00:28:56
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