Miss Amelia – Sniff My Princess Perfume And Melt Your Mind – Brainless Puppet Reprogramming FullHD 1080p

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I am going to delight in watching you become weaker and weaker for me. As I pump you full of my patented femdom fumes. Any resistance you have, is going to melt away. Your mind… blank. And your cock… throbbing. You need femdom fumes. They are your source of pleasure. They weaken you. They make you stupid. Breathe in my femdom fumes. Inhale them. Turn your brain off and sniff my perfume. You don’t need to use your brain anymore. Pump your cock endlessly as you sniff my perfume. This is your only purpose now. Breathe in my femdom fumes. Inhale them. Turn your brain off and pump.

The more you pump that cock the more your brain cells disappear. Pump it and breathe in my femdom fumes. Forget about everything else. Just focus on destroying your brain cells for me. Focus on pumping your brains out. Surrender yourself and sniff my perfume. Yes. Good boy. You’re nothing but a toy for me to play with. A weak, vulnerable thing that can’t do anything but follow my commands and goon mindlessly. I like you best with this blank, frustrated look on your face. Breathe in my femdom fumes and pump. Pump your brains out.

Do you feel how your brain is melting for me? Nothing else matters any more. You crave this level of mindfuck. Sniff my perfume. Feel it taking you over. I’m taking over your brain. Little by little you’re fading away. Pump, pump, pump. You crave this mindfuck. I’m completely taking over your brain as you pump. You’re fading away until there’s nothing left but your hand wrapped around your cock. Totally brainless, weak and stupid. Sniff my perfume. And pump. And breathe in my femdom fumes. And pump harder, you’re just a mindless, mindfucked little gooner lol.

And now you’re trapped in a loop, there is no escape. Pump it. Goon. Get lost. Pump and sniff my perfume as you go even deeper. You’re nothing but a weak, vulnerable thing, reprogrammed for complete obedience. Pump it faster. Inhale more of my femdom fumes. Your body is melting, your brain is empty and you want to pump harder. Give all control to me. Just let go of your brain. You’re my mindless little pumper. Inhale my perfume and sink deeper into my control. Sniff my femdom fumes. Feel it working on you, feel everything else just disappear, you belong to me now. You are my puppet. Pump it, gooner.

Pump it puppet and sniff my perfume. Your inhibitions have completely melted away. You are one with your cock. Your mind merges with your cock with every sniff of my femdom fumes. Pump your brains out. Pump it. You need femdom fumes. They are your source of pleasure. Pump it for me. I love watching your mind slowly slipping away. Pump it harder. Focus on stroking. Pump your brain cells and sniff my perfume. You are my brainless puppet. Weak, stupid and vulnerable and completely addicted to what I am doing to you.

Gooning and femdom fumes give you unending pleasure. Every waking second is dedicated to gooning and sniffing my perfume. Pump it until you feel your brain shutting down and then pump it even more. Thank me for turning your brain to mush as you breathe in more of my femdom fumes. You are going to waste your entire night pumping your brains out. Watching me over and over and over again and sniffing my perfume lol. I know that you’re so dumb by now, so lost in your goon trance. But we’re only just getting started. This clip is meant to be an endless loop for me. I will be taking your weak, vulnerable, stupid brain on a journey, as you slip down the goon hole for me…More

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:13:14
Size: 706 Mb

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