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A Magic Control Custom Featurette!

Dixie is arriving home after a first date with a new man that didn’t go so well. He was annoying and only talked about himself and she’s ready for it to be over but he is being very insistent on being invited in. She politely tells him, once again, that she’s got and early day the next day and needs to call it a night but he insists he wants to show her a trick he’s been saving for her all night. He takes a small figure out of his pocket and shows it to her. It’s eyes glimmer and catch her attention immediately and she can’t seem to look away from it. Suddenly she finds herself inviting him inside.

Once in her apartment he sets the figure down on the countertop and tells her to sit. She finds herself again drawn to the figure’s eyes that now seem to be glowing with a fiery intensity. As she stares at it the man moves behind her and starts to whisper in her ear. He tells her stories of dark entities and mysterious powers as she slowly starts to stare directly forward. He finally formally introduces himself as a dark and powerful magician who uses his powers to implant his deepest fetishes and fantasies into women and make them his sex slaves while allowing the dark being that inhabits the figure to swallow all else that is in their minds. Her expressions change to s slight smirk and knowing smile as he tells her all the things he is going to do to her now that she is under his power.

He commands her to stand and take off her clothes one piece at a time. When she’s nude he comes behind her again and starts to masturbate her pussy. He fingers her until she starts to have an orgasm. When she begins to cum the spell is broken slightly and her eyes begin to question what is happening as she orgasms but he grabs her by the chin and makes her look into his eyes as he orders her back under his control as she cums. When she finishes orgasming he tells her to piss herself in order to judge the deepness of his power over her. She immediately lets a stream of piss out of her pussy onto the floor without ever looking away from his eyes and he knows that she is his now. He steps back again and commands her to dance for him. He snaps his fingers and music begins to play and as she slowly starts rocking back and forth to the music a kaleidoscope of colors envelopes her and the music sinks her deeper into his control.

He orders her over to the couch and as she sits he shows her the figure again. He then pulls out his hard cock and she becomes mesmerized by it. He pushes her back onto the couch and slides his cock into her pussy. As he fucks her she stares straight ahead without much reaction so he plays with his power over her by first taking away her mind and making her mindless and then giving it back to her with another powerful orgasm. He flips her over and pulls her down on his cock making her ride him, bouncing up and down furiously on his dick. Finally when her sexual energy is primed he flips her back onto her back and sets the figure between her legs. A powerful magic begins to summon her sexual energy from her body and suck it into the figure. She throws her head back as the energy drains from her, leaving her a sex object for his pleasure. He stands and dresses, holding up the figure as she lays exhausted behind him. Finally she rises and joins him, ready to go to the bedroom and show him how much she loved her date and how much she’s looking forward to her existence of sexual servitude.

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