Heroine Universe Alba Zevon, Tilly McReese, Jackson – “wonder alba: auction bound” Alba Zevon’s debut FullHD 1080p

limp - 10121 AUCTION BOUND.mp4

First I wanted to say a big thank you to all those who’ve been purchase clips in my even while I haven’t been updating here much. Changing that moving forward – with this release you’ll start to see more regular new updates here. Thank you for hanging in there.
Alba Zevon makes her debut at Heroine Universe in this sexy short superheroine clip! Tilly McReese is decked out in a sexy dress, nylons, and heels, as she meets up with fantasy criminal Jackson outside his infamous ‘warehouse.’ Tilly is interested in a new plaything, and Jackson has just the right one: Wonder Woman! Tilly is excited as she’s walked inside.
Inside a main living area, Tilly awaits as Jackson brings in Wonder Woman (Alba Zevon) with her hands bound behind her back, being led around by a slave collar. It’s not only WW, but the Italian version to her American counterpart in the States (I thought it would be fun to have Alba speak only in her native Italian to give the character a little fire). Tilly is excited to see WW, as she’s always dreamed of having the powerful superheroine as her sexy plaything! WW is led into the room, all her items on display at a nearby table. Once WW spots them, she tries to reach but is kept in line by Jackson as Tilly gloats and taunts her about them all, from her bracers, to her belt, and lazzo.
Tilly notices WW wearing her boots, and she wants those too! As WW kicks at Tilly, Tilly grabs a foot and REMOVES HER BOOTS, leaving WW in her stocking feet. Jackson removes WW’s tiara, which Tilly wears, pretending to be WW herself, mocking and taunting the beautiful Italian superheroine! Tilly teases WW about maybe portraying the role herself, as WW is led into another room…

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