Girls Gone Hypnotized – Casi Controlled by the Glasses 4K 2160p

limp - 10150 Casi Controlled by the Glasses.mp4

Casi becomes very upset when she finds porn on her boyfriend’s laptop. She yells and kicks him out of the room, telling him she wants to be left alone. Later that afternoon, her boyfriend sneaks back in the room and places a pair of “hypno glasses” over her eyes from behind her. Instantly her attitude is changed from mad to sexually aroused. She now wants nothing more than to please him, and seduce him with her body. Casi will stop at nothing to turn him on. Each time her boyfriend snaps his fingers, Casi is frozen in place, with no awareness of what is happening to her while frozen. She continues to be seductive, strip out of her clothes, dance on her boyfriend, rub his dick, and get fucked by him, all while being frozen and unfrozen.

Casi is brainwashed when her boyfriend slips a pair of “hypno glasses” on her. She is immediately aroused by him now.
Casi forgets all about being mad at her boyfriend, and now wants nothing more than to please him and turn him on sexually. She tries her best to seduce him.
Casi is frozen in time, and unaware of what is happening to her, each time he snaps his fingers.
Casi strips to her panties and dances on her boyfriend.
Casi’s ass is spanked and her tits fondled while she is frozen.
Casi can no longer control herself. She strips naked and climbs on top of her boyfriend, calling him “master”. Casi is fucked laying on her back. (Simulated only. No real sex or male nudity.)
Full nude.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duratio: 00:14:45
Size: 1.30 Gb

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