Robomeats Rock, Brock, Allie James – Taboo Timestop SD

limp - 10185 Taboo Timestop.mp4

Rock and Brock are bored. Brock brings up that he has a new watch that can stop time and suggests that they fuck with Rock’s step-sister, Allie and her friend, Leilani. Rock agrees and they sneak to Allie’s room, they stop time and switch their skirts, then restart time to watch them wake up confused. They then stop time again and switch their panties, then restart time again. The girls convince themselves that it must be a ghost who’s messing with them, and that it must be a boy ghost, so they decide to give him a show and strip. Rock and Brock stop time again and Brock convinces Rock that they should fuck them, Rock agrees and he starts fucking Leilani, then Brock tries to get Rock to fuck Allie and Rock agrees, since time is stopped and it’s like it never happened. Rock and Brock fuck the girls till they cum inside of them, then they restart time and the girls are very excited thinking they got fucked by the ghost. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Resolution: 768 x 432
Duratio: 00:34:34
Size: 157 Mb

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