Natasha Ty, Jacquelyn Velvets – The Art Of Repetition FullHD 1080p

limp - 10224 The Art Of Repetition.mp4

In this series of sultry vignettes, sexy newcomer Natasha Ty is a hapless sentry set to guard prisoner Jacquelyn Velvets.a task that she’s clearly not ready for. As soon as she gets the chance, Jacquelyn exploits every weakness that Natasha exhibits, knocking her out in a variety of ways. Poor Natasha can barely stay on her feet as she’s KO’d with just about every method imaginable by her cunning captive.
One thing’s for sure.When Natasha finally wakes up, she’ll be staying here at Velvets Fantasies for a while!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:18:00
Size: 660 Mb

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