PKF Coco – Terrorist Decimation 2 4k 2160p

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She guards the entrance to a terrorist group’s underground lab that likely holds biological tech. She paces the area, aware that at any time they may be attacked. But tonight, all seems quiet. Too quiet.
She lunges her gun butt into the intruder, catching him off guard. A fight ensues, but she is quickly disarmed. But her training has prepared her for this. Whether the attacker is male or female, she knows what to do. Luckily, he was male—much easier. She tries to seduce him.
But the man is wise to the ways of these terrorist bitches. He lets her do her little show, but when she goes for the strike, he is prepared, and soon has her pinned with a garrote tightly around her neck. He strangles the sexy bitch for quite a while. They are strong, but not without the need for oxygen and after a while, her sweat-covered body is still. He admires her dead form, noticing some girl cum seeping out of her pussy.
Knowing that he has time—no one was alerted to his presence, he takes the spoils of war, fucking the dead girl in several positions. Her body was amazing and felt great hugging his engorged cock as he pounded her tight hole. He exploded with orgasmic fervor, emptying his massive load all over the dead terrorist bitch.
But he was not done. After a moment of letting her corpse cool, cum-covered on the cold floor; he sat her up and fucked her mouth for a while, emptying yet another load down her throat. So much cum came out, it overflowed back out her agape lips, splooching down her chest and mixing with the rest.
He stuffed her panties in her mouth and took some pictures to send back to base. Now it was time to finish the job and he left, leaving her sprawled out on the floor.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duration: 00:18:00
Size: 943 Mb

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