Entrancement UK – Rose Entranced FullHD 1080p

limp - 10446 ROSE.mp4

It’s a Rose! (Different name in the vid)

Quite the cutie, takes a little bit of encouragement to warm up to dropping into trance, but she has some fun, sweet and genuinely surprised reactions later on once she gets into the swing of things.

00:10 Introduction
10:28 Induction
26:00 Disappearing Sensations
36:30 Trance Feedback
38:38 Rest Triggering
41:00 Bound Triggering
43:30 Five Finger Countdown
46:30 Pendant Training
52:00 Baring her Breasts for the Pendant
53:00 Embarrassed when the pendant goes away
53:30 Posing for the Pendant
54:17 Frozen Pose Flyaround
54:50 Repositioning the Doll
57:10 Binding her Name and Memories
58:10 Believes she’s an Obedient Doll
1:00:00 Thinks her clothes are horrible
1:03:00 Music makes her shake her moneymaker
1:05:50 Wakes feeling enchanting
1:07:50 Captivates the viewer
1:09:30 How d’you feel? “Mindless and Blank”
1:09:10 Mesmerism? “Mesmerism is stupid”
1:10:35 Compelled to Wave
1:11:25 Self Knockout
1:12:30 Tired Eye Checks
1:13:15 Outfit Change: Corset & Stockings
1:14:00 HypnoPuppeteering
1:14:45 Posing the Doll
1:16:25 Hat Envy / Hat Hate!
1:18:10 CopyCat Parrot Hat

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 01:20:47
Size: 626 Mb

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