Jasmin Jai, Dakota Charms, James Barbatus – Doll Recruiting Part 2 FullHD 1080p

limp - 10442 Doll Recruiting.mp4

BETRAYAL! Poor Dakota Charms has found herself in the steel grip of recently converted Fembot Jasmin Jai. Villainous professor James Barbatus has them both now, and the girls are in real trouble! James commands Jasmin to KO her friend with a neck pinch! He tosses Dakota over his shoulder and carries her around for a moment. Then he uses a snap to put Jasmin out too! He has a long, luxurious moment of ragdolling the limp ladies, before eventually carrying them both out of the room over his shoulder!
Dakota eventually wakes to find herself unable to move! Jasmin is there too, but she’s still acting like a fembot! What will Dakota do?!
James is ready to try out a few more methods to see if he can overcome Dakota’s resistance.and wouldn’t you know it, she’s SUPER VULNERABLE to good old Chloroform!! It isn’t just that she’s weak to it either.she LOVES it! As she fades into sleep, James makes a quick phone call.
To AGENCY DIRECTOR JACQUELYN! As it turns out, he was hired to administer these trainees in their final exam..and they’ve both failed! Luckily for James, Director Velvets has no need of such weak minded agents.and now he has two fembots who will follow all of his commands!

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Duratio: 00:32:23
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