Cherie DeVille – Cherie Abduction Klowns From Outer Space FullHD 1080p

limp - 10503 Cherie Abduction Klowns From Outer Space.mp4

Cherie DeVille is a beauty queen contestant. She sits in her chair, talking on the phone with my friend about how fellow contestants have gone missing recently. She hangs up the phone. She stands up and begin stretching and exercising. Suddenly, something creeps up behind her. It reaches around and begins fondling her chest. At first she is startled, but soon relaxes when she assumes it is just her boyfriend who has snuck in. She flirts a little bit and enjoy the groping while he pulled her top down and begins raising her bare breasts. She turns around with her eyes closed and goes in for a kiss. What she doesn’t realize is that it is an evil clown who has come from another planet to abduct her and take her back to it. He is actually drawing the breath out of her. Moments later, she realizes what is happening, opens her eyes and gasps in shock. She struggles but is unable to escape his grip. Slowly, she becomes groggy, her eyes fluttering and rolling around. When he releases, she pleads with him to let her go in her semi-conscious state. He lives her up in a cradle carry. He admires her body for a few moments, then precedes to go towards the door. As he approaches, he hears a knock. The creature runs back and lays Cherie out on the couch, disappearing and leaving her groggy and helpless….

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Duratio: 00:16:53
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