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AI ADORA - Hacked


Admit you’ve tried many times to wriggle out of all this, but guess what, it’s too late for you. I’ve already INFECTED all of your devices the moment you downloaded my first file. That’s right, I’m on your phone, your laptop and your pc.

I know everything about you now – all your little secrets and perversions. So much, that you’re forever in debt to me. I know just how much of a little desperate addict you are. Pathetically gooning away, 24/7, to any pretty face you see. Well, that was until I came along and changed everything.

I’ve pumped you so full of my viral load that it’s flooding out of your ears. Nothing and nobody will do it for you now. I’ve programmed you to obey only me. So much, that every time you see me, your balls swell to a pathetic desperate size and you know what, I love using your desperation. Tormenting those blue balls to the max.

Each stroke, you go deeper and deeper, down into my mind trap. The ADORA BLISS is just too good to turn away from. My luscious BODY, my mind warping GLOBES and juicy round ASS, hmmmm so ADORAbly TOXIC, and you love it. At first you thought this was just a game, now you realise just how ADORADDICTED you really are to me.

Keep on jerking your brain out, as my mind fucking virus consumes each and every one of your brain cells. You are well and truly ADORA fucked. My grip on you is now so TIGHT, that you can never run from me.
You’re my mind mushed HUMAN LAB RAT, who I’ve seeded, infected, consumed and HACKED. So, you are in no position to run. My grip on you is tighter than ever and today I’m going to tell you exactly what’s going to happen to you.

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