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Mind Control Office Christmas Party Chapter #4 – It’s Johnny’s turn to try out the new Mind Control Orb that he and his co-workers invented. Eddie, Tyler, and Sean have already been successful with the device and managed to get the two HR chicks naked and fucked as well as the Bosses wife. Johnny has had his eye on Kali Roses for quite some time and he has even expressed his interest in her, but with little response back. In fact, she even reported him to the HR department when he got at the Company 4th of July BBQ and accidentally groped her breasts. Well this time the Office Company party is going to be different for Johnny and he’s gonna fuck Kali whether she likes it or not.

Johnny waits for the perfect moment then he sees Kali walk into the Conference room to drop off her Secret Santa gift. Luckily no one else is in the room when Johnny walks in. At first, Johnny tries to do the old mistletoe bit with Kali and get a free kiss. Kali isn’t having it though and is a total Bitch and yells at him. She even tells Johnny that she is going to report him to HR again if he doesn’t leave her alone. Johnny isn’t taking no for an answer and he asks her why she doesn’t like him. At first Kali doesn’t want to tell him the truth, but once Johnny insists she answer, Kali lays into him big time. She instantly begins to cut him down and call him every name in the book.

After about two minutes of her ranting, Johnny has had enough, and he pulls out his Mind Control Santa Orb. Of course, Kali just laughs at him and tells him that he is a fool and plays with toys. But once Johnny turns on the modified orb and Kali stares into the led lights, she is instantly mesmerized and under his control. Johnny then proceeds to have his way with Kali. He makes her an obedient sex slave that cherishes his every word. Johnny has her masturbate, give him an HJ, BJ, then he goes down on her, after that they have crazy wild sex and he shoots his load deep inside her.

Once Johnny is finished with her, he makes her get dressed and he tells her that she won’t remember a thing. Except for the fact that she actually has a Huge crush on him. He then has her snap out of the trance and she is back to normal. Johnny wishes her a Merry Christmas then he walks out of the conference room. Kali just stands there and says to herself out loud “Wow who was that guy? He’s hot. Where’s the mistletoe.” Then she runs out of the room looking for Johnny.

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