Angel The Dreamgirl – Her Boobs are Most Dangerous FullHD 1080p

limp - 11515 Her Boobs are Most Dangerous.mp4

We have added one more scene to the clip with Deep Throat and Face Fuck.
Scene 1 : First fake cum scene
You need to get the pass key from the warden so you are walking to his private office. You walk in and see him working at his desk. When he sees you, he stands up immediately and walks towards you. You push him very hard as he falls onto the couch. You say to him, you show him the fake cum all over your boobs. “Give me the pass key!” you demand. He resists you, and you then shove his face into your huge boobs. He is struggling as you smother him with your boobs.
You proceed to tit fuck him with his dick under your bra. You tell him his heart can’t handle your hot tits as you make him cum:
Scene 2 :Second Fake cum shot
You lift him up over your head and throw him across the room! “ You gonna give me that pass key or what? No? we’ll see. Let’s see what my hot mouth can do” You proceed to deep throat him several times (plenty of saliva dripping).
You wrap your fingers around the head of the cock.
He then fake cums and you deep throat him as he fake cums.
Scene 3: Third fake cum shot:
His purple balls are still full of cum and you want to suck it to the last drop, drain it to the last. Harley Quinn takes that fat, big, hard cock very deep down her throat. The guard is amazed by this, he can no longer resist, he starts fucking her face, he wants to drain his sperm again.
You sit on top of him as he stares at her tits. You begin to stroke his cock and he erupts all over your huge tits! He keeps squirting fake cum as he gasps for breath!
Scene 4: REAL Cum shot
You then proceed to tit fuck him VERY SLOWY. Teasing him with your tits. You tell him he’s not gonna last much longer. You slowly tit fuck him with his cock underneath your bra and between your big tits. You slowly slide his cock up, then go down hard as in your gif below.
You keep doing that slowly, telling him how STRONG you are and no one can stop you. You then say “let me tell you a secret.. your gonna give me the pass key, he them cums as you SLOWLY tit fuck him until he no longer moves. You then pick him up over your head and throw him out! You look at the camera and say “Step-daddy’s little monster has to see step-daddy now”.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:31:12
Size: 973 Mb

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