Angel The Dreamgirl – She Was Sent from the future to Get Your cum FullHD

Angel The Dreamgirl - She Was Sent from the future to Get Your cum

Angel The Dreamgirl The blowjob can be just like the last video you made for me
625 Welcome to the dark side Its your new secret life
with the sucking slurping licking switching between the lollipop, bubble gum and popsicle and the cock, except this time you can go faster as the blowjob progresses and when he’s about to cum slow down and tease him (edge him) when you notice he is close to cumming you can take the condom off and lick the cock before you start sucking it nice and slow until he shoots all his cum in your mouth as you look at the camera and then when he’s done cumming show the camera all the cum in your mouth and tongue and swirl it around with your tongue before swallowing it like a good girl and smile, lick and suck your fingers clean, and the cock of any cum, then go up close to the camera and lick the camera lens before the video ends.
The story can be you’re a terminatrix (as known as T-X, female terminator) searching for Chris Connor? and your husband tries to run from you but you catch him, and just like the kiss of a demon queen, he comes to, and is subdued as you’re sucking a lolipop and he can’t help but get hard because of how sexy of a robot you are, once you notice, you rub your butt against him with the leather pants against his throbbing cock and tease him while sucking and licking the lolipop, as you see he likes it you smile and get on your knees and start the blowjob, explaining to him that this is convenient for you because you require his DNA and his cum will do (which would explain why you take the condom off to suck it out) you can talk about how you were sent from the future to the past programmed to get his dna so the terminators can learn about all his weaknesses and more about the human race and perhaps learn to populate chris connors of your own learning from the sperm and turn the tides in favor of the terminators,
and that if you collect his cum rather than his od you no longer have to terminate him, as you’re performing oral between him and the lolipop (you can add to it as you see fit) when your knees get tired you can switch like the kiss of a demon queen where he wakes up again with you on top of him sucking him until he’s finished, you can have him wake up to you with no jacket on (whatever you wore behind that jacket in the original video? Or a black tank top?) when you see him struggling to hold his cum back you can shake your head and finger like “no no no” as you take the condom off to suck out his cum you can say “I need your cum, in my mouth” (not sure if you’ve ever seen terminator 3 but the terminator girl gains information from licking/ingesting things so this is great)

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