Angel The Dreamgirl – Temptation You With My Mouth-Watering Ass Part 1 FullHD 1080p

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You stand in front of your wardrobe, examining various outfits for an evening out. You decide to try on skirts to determine which one would complement your appearance best. As you remove your top, you begin to select and dress up with various skirts. Your husband is present in the room, watching you intently. He seems to appreciate seeing his wife undressed and topless.

You choose a satin skirt first and slip it on. It fits snugly against your body, accentuating every curve. Your husband can’t help but stare at your curvy figure as you hold the skirt up to check the fit. You feel powerful and sexy in the skirt, so much so that you decide to make some sultry poses with it, ensuring it clings tightly to your body.

Your husband becomes aroused by the sight, and he gently touches your ass and tits while rubbing his cock against your skirt. Despite his advances, you kindly refuse his attempts to engage in any sexual activity at that moment since you need to choose an outfit and get ready for your evening out.

You remove the satin skirt and decide to try on a leather one next. You pair it with a black top first, followed by a blue top. As you slip the leather skirt on, your husband can’t contain his excitement. He sees how perfectly it clings to your body and strokes his cock, eager for some action.
As you admire yourself in the mirror, you notice a small hole in the back of the skirt. You point it out to your husband, who can’t help but grin at the possibility of tearing the tight leather even further. You both decide that the hole could make for some exciting shots, and you start to play up the fragility of the skirt during your teasing scenes.

You move your body in a variety of seductive poses, carefully pinching and tugging at the skirt’s seams to show off your curves. You squat down, bend over, and grind against every surface in an effort to make the skirt look even tighter.

Your husband stands by your side, stroking his cock as he watches you strut your stuff. He can’t resist rubbing his hardness against your skirt, cause he becomes more and more aroused by the sight of his wife’s perfect body.

You play with his cock, rubbing against it as you position yourself in front of him. You occasionally poke a finger into the small hole in the back of your skirt while grinding against him, teasing him with the possibility of giving him a “sneak peek” of what lies beneath.

Your husband becomes increasingly frustrated as you continue to taunt him, so he grabs your hips and pushes himself into the gap between your skirt and your ass. You moan in pleasure as you feel his cock rub against your wet panties, heightening the tension between the two of you.

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