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You don’t have to wear a nun’s habit, haha. With this scene, the priest’s cock is in your hands in prayer, we don’t see it, but it’s there. It’s still soft and your hands are in the prayer position, hiding his cock. But you pray out loud (eyes open, looking into the camera\/video) and say, please forgive me, I have done many many bad things. You then go on to say the evil things you’ve done (I saw you had an evil secretary, one where you went around giving all men heart attacks and taking their money, haha).

As he gets harder, we see that he is in your hands, the more you confess your evil sins, the harder he becomes. You continue to confess your sins, prompting the priest to become more and more harsh. His cock is hard as a rock and ready to explode. Ejaculate fake sperm while having your hands crossed in the prayer position.
You are very arrogant and confident as you know how much power you have over the priest. You say “do you like my sins, stepfather? Let me tell you more. You then begin to slowly rub his cock, very sensually, tormenting him. Rub the head of the cock with your thumb under the base. Then gently squeezing his balls and the base of his cock until he comes (for real). He comes only by squeezing the balls and the base of the cock.
Looking at his still hard cock, dripping ejaculate, you say “awww, stepfather, you sinned! I can’t believe you came all over the place! Look at my tits, but don’t you dare come on them while I squeeze his cock.. I tell him how huge my tits are.. he fake ejaculates all over them
Thanks for the info. I just wanted to clarify that the entire video is POV and the person is assumed to be a priest. Only the cock is shown, not him. So there is no need for a priest’s robe. You can wear any dress you like, but I’d like it to reveal a huge V-neck, haha.
Yes, POV if possible. Different angles are great too. The idea is that I want to feel like I’m the priest. The important thing is to make the viewer think that all you are doing is praying, not realizing that the priest’s cock is in your hands in prayer. As you confess more sins, he gets harder and only then can we see his swollen cock through your praying hands. Great idea for a confession! Maybe you could have a scene where you go into the confession booth, and then move on to prayer?

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